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Is Mitch the Right Speaker for You?

Mitch is a former CEO who combines high energy and solid expertise to provide results oriented, entertaining presentations and keynotes. He excels in interactive or "motivational" programs. His ability to tailor his content to your industry is unequaled. In addition, because of his extensive experience, he is able to deal in real-time with questions that may be asked.

In keynote, or non-interactive programs, his energy and enthusiasm as well as his on-target programs are contagious and "motivational."

The best audience for Mitch are senior level managers (i.e. Directors, Sr. Directors, VPs, SVPs, CEOs and Board members). He also does well with mid-level managers. He is not really the best choice to speak to individual contributors unless they are part of a larger audience.

While his programs include appropriate humor, he is not a humorist. People choose him for his content and energy and his ability to make the topic specifically relevant to your company or industry. He is straight forward in his approach and while he is usually tactful, he is best appreciated for his candid, and no-nonsense advice and content.