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Mitch's Video Clips

Several video clips for your "entertainment." (Mitch mostly speaks at private events where video is not allowed, so the # of clips will always be limited.)

The first three clips are actually interviews of Mitch on topics where he is considered an expert.

In this IMTS interview around their global bi-annual tradeshow, Mitch was asked to discuss how to improve tradeshow ROI.

In this Forum Forward interview Mitch is asked about his views on what Marketing really is.

Mitch was interviewed on IMTSTV on strategy and the comprehensive role of Marketing in a company. His surprisingly short answers are in this video. Take a look.

In this clip from October 2014 Mitch discusses marketing and business growth at AMT's Global Forecasting and Marketing Conference (GFMC)

This is a full program video clip. However, a few minutes here and there have been cut out to protect proprietary information.

These next six clips are from Mitch speaking to an international sales meeting in Q1 2010.

This one is an eight-minute clip of a closing signature story.

Here is another signature story Mitch tells.

Mitch speaks all over the world and does well with international as well as domestic audiences. In this one minute clip he talks about how important it is for companies to get input from their international customers.

As a high content speaker, Mitch provides advice and insights in his programs. This one-minute clip talks about how sales people need to focus on results. But, results might not be what they think it means.

Another important skill for sales people and managers is influence. In this just over two-minute clip, Mitch shares insights on how to gain influence with others.

Mitch includes learning "games" in his presentations when appropriate. In this four-minute clip, he is debriefing a "game" that has just finished. You can see his animation, spontaneity and interaction in this clip.

Moving to clips from other settings:

Here is an under two minute clip of Mitch speaking to the Alabama Electric Cooperative annual meeting. Due to being the last speaker, Mitch was "stuck" with the stage set-up that the prior speakers wanted, so he is "trapped" behind a lectern. However, Mitch still shows his animation, even in this restricted environment.

This one is an under one minute clip of Mitch interacting with an audience member at an annual meeting of retailers. Again, you will note that Mitch ends up without the best staging sometimes. (Let this be a lesson to you meeting planners, that putting the screen in the middle of the stage is not really the best placement.)