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About Customer Manufacturing Group

Mitch's Presentations

Mitch speaks in three main areas. He does keynotes, seminars, workshops and webinars on these topics ranging from 20 minutes to a full-day. Mitch occasionally does a multi-day program, but since his audience is usually senior managers, they don't usually want a program which lasts that long. The programs listed below are some of the more popular programs, and all programs can be tailored or fully customized to meet your needs.

Top-line issues including marketing, sales, strategy, and maximizing customer value

Innovation: Getting new things done

Using business process methods to improve top-line results

  • Effective Marketing
  • Customer-Centric Marketing: Is there some other kind?
  • Speed to Market: Getting it done right the first time and on time
  • Building Brand Insistence
  • The Secret To Selling More
  • Price Obstacles: Selling At Higher Prices Than the Competition
  • Major League Marketing: Playing to Win
  • Channel Partnerships: Gaining An Unfair Advantage Through Effective Distribution
  • Satisfaction, Loyalty, Insistence: The Key Differences in Customer Preference
  • Delighted Customers Are Even Better Than Satisfied Customers
  • Strategy: Creating Executable Plans

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  • Managing for Innovation
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  • Lean Marketing
  • Process Management in Marketing/Sales
  • Applying Constraint Theory to Marketing/Sales to Grow Revenue
  • Lean New Product Development
  • Marketing Accountability: Moving from Oxymoron to Reality
  • Marketing ROI: Moving from Buzzword to Reality
  • Strategic Execution: A Process For Tying Strategic Plans to Operating Plans

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