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Mitch's "Radio" Interviews

Mitch has been interviewed on "radio" a few times. Here are links to listen to those that interest you.

This interview is from KCTE Radio and is about 20 minutes in length. Mitch is interviewed on his ideas for Marketing in mid-sized companies. He is specifically asked about investing in Marketing vs spending on Marketing.

Mitch was interviewed twice (30 minutes each) on Leadership Radio. In this first interview he discusses the CEO's role in building an effective marketing and sales (revenue production) process for the company.

In this second interview, Mitch focuses on the application of Lean Thinking to the revenue-side of the business.

While speaking in Ireland, Mitch was interviewed on BBC Ulster on how to grow revenue. This is a short (under 5 minutes) interview with some funny, morning show guys.

AM1400 radio interviewed him for about 15 minutes to discuss using marketing to create a sustainable business. Mitch was interviewed on Niche Talk radio for about 30 minutes about his thinking regarding the application of process management principles to marketing and sales (revenue production).

In 2016 Mitch did a more lengthy interview (over 30 minutes) with WOOD radio on using Marketing to grow revenue.