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More About Background Marketing eBook

Most of us know we need to "stay in touch" with prospects because they probably don't buy the first time we talk to them, but they will eventually. Studies indicate you may need to be in contact with a prospect between 9 and 12 times before they buy. How can you do that consistently ... and with as little effort as possible ... and effectively. Since, being annoying 9 to 12 times isn't going to facilitate a sale.

In this ebook, noted author and marketing expert, Mitchell Goozé, gives you effective, proven ideas on how you can really stay in touch, consistently, valuably and with a minimum of effort. Whether you have a sophisticated CRM system, use ACT, or just index cards, Mitch shows you how to put in place effective programs that work.

These programs can include mail, email, telephone, and face-to-face visit pieces. He shows you how to integrate these various methods into a comprehensive program that gets results with only the effort necessary. No more ... and no less.

Further, the book looks at the differences between staying in touch with prospects as well as staying in touch with customers who buy infrequently.

If you'd like to make sure that you maximize the probabilty that you will "be there" when the customer is ready to order, this book is for you.

$29.97         100% moneyback guarantee*

*(If, after reading the book, you don't feel you got full value,
let me know and I will be happy to refund your money.)